Light Safety Sensors/Machine Guarding

safety-sensorsDeveloping and maintaining a culture of workplace safety is critical for ensuring equipment utilization as well as keeping employees safe. Keystone carries a full line of Industrial Safety Sensors to ensure the proper guarding of equipment and employees for every application.

We carry contrast sensors, distance measurement sensors, induction Sensors, inductive sensors, industrial Sensors, photoelectric sensors, proximity Sensors, registration sensors and ultrasonic Sensors. At Keystone, will also provide you with a safety risk assessments at your request.

Light Curtains

Light curtains provide protection for personal and equipment. When properly selected and installed, light curtains prevent fingers, hands, bodies and other nonessential items from entering a protected while optimizing equipment productivity. Give us a call with any questions or if you would like a quote on a general or specific make or model, Keystone Automation carries Sick, Miller Edge, Micro Detectors, IFM and other Manufactures.

Laser Scanners

Similar to optical radar, compact laser scanner systems scan their surroundings and measure distances to ensure work area protection. The integrated rotating mirror creates a two-dimensional programmable scan field for freely defined protection areas and are an excellent alternative to light curtains or safety mats. Keystone Automation primarily carries Sick safety laser scanners and would be pleased to provide a quote or consultation for your laser scanner needs.

Safety Mats

Miller Edge safety mats are a reliable safeguarding method and they come in standard and custom shapes and sizes. The mats provide different levels of protection: easing the constant strain on operators, signaling the cease of a machine, and tracking movement that occurs. Keystone Automation can assist you with finding the exact make and model for your safety requirements, if you already know exactly what you need we can give you a quote as soon as you contact us! Just click here to request a quote on safety mats

Safety Switches

Safety switches come in multiple varieties, whether you require magnetic, locking, hinged or a compact style, we offer any make or model. Choosing a style based on your specific durability, adjustment, size and overall placement needs will help to insure proper effectiveness in eliminating hazards by prohibiting operation. Call us at Keystone Automation for a quote or help with a safety risk assessment to decipher the proper safety switch that best meets your safeguarding needs.

Single-beam photoelectric safety switches offer a large scanning range and a variety of shapes and sizes. They also offer maximum safety performance – they comply with type 2 or type 4, in accordance with EN 61496 and PL c or PL e, according to EN ISO 13849. These single-beam photoelectric safety switches are ideal for a wide range of applications, including robots, processing machines, machining centers, palletizing systems, high-bay warehouses or transfer lines.

Safety Consultation and Risk Assessments

Keystone partners with Sick to offer expert review, risk assessment, and machine guarding consultation services when question arise about safety requirements. Safety laws, regulations, and requirements can be very complex and are constantly changing. Count on our safety experts to help you stay up to date and informed about industrial safety. Let us help you develop a safety culture within your organization – on existing machinery and with the planning and procurement of new equipment.

Safety Manufacturers

Sick – Safety
SICK leads the world in safety solutions and services for machines and work areas. We continually develop innovative light curtains, area scanners, safety camera systems, perimeter guards, safe control solutions, and safety switches.The result is innovative, powerful products and systems that provide a high level of safety and increased efficiency.
Miller Edge
Since then the Miller Edge product line has grown to include both touch sensitive and non-contact sensing devices as well as related controls and accessories. Our products can be found on driveway gates, storefront grills, mass transit vehicles, and in automated manufacturing plants.
Micro Detectors
Today we provide a complete range of products from photoelectric to motion sensing, ultrasound, capacitive and inductive sensors, as well as safety devices and connectors.
Measuring and controlling – When it comes to pioneering automation technology, ifm electronic gmbh is the ideal partner. Since the foundation of the company in 1969 ifm has shaped industrial automation by continuous new developments in the field of sensors, controllers and systems. Today the family-run business in second generation with about 4,800 employees in 70 countries is among the world-wide industry leaders. ifm combines the internationality and innovative strength of a growing group of companies with the flexibility and close customer contact of a medium-sized company.