Welcome To Keystone Automation Inc.

Keystone Automation, Inc. has a unique position in the global market place as a value added reseller. We boast a portfolio of sensing and imaging products and systems that are quite diverse so that each client served will realize an optimal solution for their application scenario. For almost 30 years, Keystone has partnered with corporate engineers and system integrators to explore solutions for today’s difficult and diverse manufacturing problems. We are continually assessing our product line and suppliers so we can meet the challenge of each client’s requirement.

We employ highly qualified engineers and technicians who constantly push ahead with the ongoing development of automated industrial solutions.

Our staff offers a special flexibility in finding a solution in common areas of application including integration into production processes, quality assurance, machine safety, measurement, and code reading to name a few. The keystone of our commitment to excellence is our strategic alliance with principles that have a proven reputation for manufacturing quality, state-of-the-art imaging and sensing products. We represent and serve most of the industry leaders. Keystone Automation, Inc. has a spirit of innovation that pervades our company which accounts for the wide-range spectrum of our application solutions. We are passionate about what we do and are eager to apply our expertise to your next project.